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Lindsay Seitter, CNP, is a holistic certified nurse practitioner and fertility consultant who helps women get pregnant naturally by getting to the root cause of hormonal imbalances, PCOS, and infertility. She is a nurse practitioner in a holistic general practice in Columbus, OH where she collaborates with a doctor of osteopathy treating a wide range of health conditions using a holistic, functional medicine approach. She has helped many women in her practice conceive naturally and is passionate about not only helping them get pregnant, but also walking them through their pregnancy using natural solutions to achieve the best outcomes possible.

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My Story:

I have been a perfectionist most of my life! Straight A’s in school, competitive athlete, a good Christian girl. But I was also a perfectionist when it came to my body and how I looked. This started in high school when my body was changing and I was told by a well meaning relative that I was finally filling out!! That’s when I began exercising outside of my sports programs, counting calories, and feeling insecure about my body. I felt like I needed to control everything in order to be successful and to look a certain way!

When I started running track again and losing weight, I lost my period for 6 months so my gynecologist put me on birth control pills to regulate my cycle, but never addressed the underlying root cause as to WHY I had lost my period. I took birth control pills for 6 years all through college and thought everything with my hormones was fine because I was having “a period” every month.

Meanwhile, my OCD with body image, exercise, and what/how much I ate got severely worse to where it was effecting my relationships and social functions because I would isolate myself and hide everything from everybody out of fear of being judged, confronted, and forced to give up the control I felt I desperately needed to hold on to in order to “survive”.

I continued to train for half marathons and then a marathon my senior year of college after which my body broke down and I developed chronic injury after chronic injury. I was depressed because I could no longer run the same due to pain and I felt as though my identity as a runner had been taken from me.

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and while I was attending graduate school at The Ohio State University to get my Masters in Nursing, I decided I no longer wanted to be on birth control pills anymore. After studying the adverse effects that they had on the body I no longer wanted to take a pill that was disrupting my hormones, depleting key nutrients and causing candida to flourish!

I was also struggling with chronic abdominal pain and digestive issues at the time (from what would later be diagnosed as a parasitic infection) and developed multiple food sensitivities. My OCD with food and my weight was at an all time high during this period of time because I hid behind the food sensitivities as a means of controlling what I ate. I felt trapped inside this prison of control and fear that kept me feeling isolated and alone. I was too afraid to share with my family and friends the internal conflict that was going on of wanting to be healed and set free yet continuing down this path of destruction. However, I knew that this was not God’s plan for my life!!

Not only did I begin to seek healing through prayer and scripture, but having been interested in natural medicine since I was in high school, I sought natural solutions to heal my body and was determined that I would get better and feel healthy again!

After stopping birth control pills, I kept waiting for my period to return…..and waiting…and waiting!! I waited 5 years before I finally got my period back! During that time of not having my period, I had extensive testing and workup to see if there was anything wrong that would be causing me not to have a period. The only thing they found was multiple cysts on my ovaries, which I later learned can be caused by birth control pills!!

God kept nudging me about what I needed to do to heal my body and get my period back, but it took awhile for me to finally surrender control and let go in order to allow God to work in the situation. Being someone who was obsessed with exercise, fearful of many foods, and who painfully counted calories in order to prevent gaining much needed weight, letting all of these things go in order to find healing was incredibly hard. Especially during the moments when I stopped exercising completely, started eating a TON and saw my body changing! I kept questioning what I was doing and wanted to retreat to my old behaviors many times along the way. It was a very uncomfortable process of transitioning from the body of a girl to the body of a woman, but thankfully I had an army of support from family and friends who loved me enough to help me stand in the fire while I waited for God to refine me and heal me.

God graciously held my hand through the entire journey and reminded me of the promise of healing on the other side. I participated in a program called Scriptures, Food, and Healing and I had a knowing that within 3 months of starting this healing journey I would have my period back! I also knew that when I got my period back it would be in a very significant place that would have a very special meaning to me.

Towards the end of the third month of my healing journey, I went on a mission trip to Honduras where I had fallen in love with this small village in the mountains and the people there the year before. I felt Holy Spirit tell me to bring supplies for the trip even though I had not had a period in 5 years!! After the first night in Nueva Esperanza, which means “New Hope”, I woke up the next morning and had started my period!! It was exactly 3 months to the day from when I had surrendered control over to God and embarked on this healing journey! I was overjoyed!! Starting my period in a city called “New Hope” was definitely a sign of the promises God had for me and the calling I had on my life to bring “New Hope” to other women who had a deep longing and desire to be mom’s themselves.
God had given me promises of healing, of freedom, and of being a mom. That day I felt like a mom to these kids in the city in a way I had never experienced before. God was calling me not only to be a mother to this nation, but also to be a mother to my own children someday.

In the past I never wanted kids of my own and always planned on adopting at some point because I did not want my body to change and I knew I would have to change in order to be able to have kids. However, once I got my period back I knew that God had restored my fertility and it was such a beautiful reminder of all of the promises He has in store for me!
God has transformed my life so much that I am a completely different person on the other side of this journey!

I used to feel like I could never have a deep connection with family and friends, that I could never truly relax in my body and be comfortable with what I looked like, or eat in any semblance of a normal way! I felt hopeless and lost, wondering if I would ever have regular periods again….fearing the inability to ever have my own children.

What I found on the other side was that my faith in God, trust in His grace, and the courage to follow His lead, was where my real freedom was found. And who the Son sets free is free indeed! It wasn’t the number on the scale, the size of my jeans, or my ability to run marathons that defined me. God has a much bigger plan and purpose for my life than being shut down and limited by the fears and distractions that once ruled my life. Instead, I am defined by God’s unconditional and unfailing love for me! His love for me is what empowers me to love myself and to love others in a way I never thought was possible!!

Periods, hormones, and fertility have such a special place in my heart because they have been such a big part of my story!

That is why I am extremely passionate about helping women not only get their hormones in balance but also their health and their lives in balance so that they can reverse PCOS, get pregnant, become moms and live to the fullest potential of who they were created to be!

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